In this stratified analysis, no variable presented a statisticall

In this stratified analysis, no variable presented a statistically significant negative association with mortality (Table 3).Table 3All-cause mortality risk and lipid levels in adjusted by sex, age > 75, hypertension, and diabetes (excluded body mass index <20kg/m2 and early mortality <2 years).4. DiscussionThe results indicate higher mortality among older people with lower levels of total cholesterol. Furthermore, they show no association between all-cause mortality and hypercholesterolemia, high LDL-c, low HDL-c, hypertriglyceridemia, and high non-HDL-c in this group of older adults. High levels of lipoproteins such as TC, LDL-c, and TG are widely known as risk factors for total and cardiovascular mortality in the general population [1].

In geriatric populations, however, this association is being studied, and conflicting results have been presented. These results depend on methodological characteristics such as age, follow-up time, and the covariables analyzed [7�C11]. Our results did not show a positive association between hyperlipidemias and all-cause mortality. In the initial analysis, even before excluding premature mortality and underweight individuals, this association was negative. Questions persist about the real role of hypercholesterolemia as a general mortality risk among older people; the association may be positive, negative, or null. The fact that other authors have not observed a positive association corroborates our results [8, 9, 11].Concerning the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, there is more evidence of the role of TC increase in the geriatric population [12, 13].

It is possible that among elderly populations, high TC levels are associated with better global health conditions. In a study carried out in Honolulu, researchers observed that high TC levels were associated with higher body mass index levels, high HDL-c, better hemoglobin levels, and greater muscular strength [7].Another factor that could influence analysis of lipid risk factors in older people is cardiovascular mortality before age 60 among individuals with high cholesterol.In addition to not showing a mortality increase with high liproprotein levels, data from the present study indicate that there is a higher risk in low lipoprotein levels such as TC and HDL-c. Low HDL-c levels have already been established as determinants of cardiovascular morbimortality among geriatric populations [14, 15].

In this study, we have observed that even using two different HDL-c cut-offs (<35 and 40mg/mL) [1], there was positive association with all-cause mortality, although not statistically significant. Batimastat This corroborates the results of other authors who have observed a similar association in samples of people aged 65 or older [16], 70 or older [17], and in the frail elderly [18].

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