Ethics committee approval The Institutional Ethics Committee perm

Ethics committee approval The Institutional Ethics Committee permission was taken prior to initiation of the study (EC No: EC/OA-79/2010 dated October 14, 2010). As the research has minimal risk involved so the ethics committee allowed Tofacitinib citrate us to take verbal consent. The script of the verbal consent was used to take consent of the residents. The resident doctor involved was identified with a code number and privacy and confidentiality was maintained regarding the data throughout the study and also during the publication. Sample size Allopathic resident doctors from clinical branches of this institute were identified and included in the study. Other resident doctors from nonclinical branches were excluded. A total of 100 resident doctors (minimum 10% of total 750 residents required) were randomly selected by using computer generated charts.

Data collection tool We developed a pretested, structured questionnaire based on our study objectives, taking guidance from the previous literature.[10],[11] It was subjected to a thorough peer review by three senior teachers from the college. It was subsequently modified as per suggestions of the teachers and the final questionnaire consisted of 19 multiple choice questions and open ended questions. The questionnaire was prepared to assess KAP toward Ayurvedic medicine use. Each participant was allotted 20 minutes to answer the questions in the form of options which he/she feels is appropriate to answer. The questionnaire consisted of several parts. The first part pertained to a collection of demographic information of the residents: Age, gender, academic year, and faculty.

The questions in the second part of the questionnaire assessed the residents?? knowledge about Ayurvedic drugs and therapy, and their attitude toward Ayurveda practice. The third part of the questionnaire addressed questions related to their clinical practices related to Ayurveda. Statistical analysis Statistical analysis was done by using descriptive statistics. Data were collected in a predesigned Microsoft? Excel 2007. Continuous variables were presented as mean values ?? standard deviation (SD), and categorical variables were presented as percentages. RESULTS A total of 112 residents were approached, out of which 100 agreed to fill the questionnaire form, resulting in response rate of 89%. Total 73% of residents were male.

Out of 100 residents, 57 residents were working in medicine Cilengitide and allied departments, for example, pediatrics, skin, psychiatry, etc., and remaining 43 were from surgical departments, for example, orthopedics, ear, nose, and throat (ENT), ophthalmology, etc., Average age of residents is 26.47 ?? 1.65 years. Out of the 100 resident doctors Gemcitabine injection interviewed, 48% had knowledge and could answer about Doshas, 52% had no knowledge.

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