Most typically in mixed coniferous forests Distribution: widespr

Most typically in mixed coniferous forests. Distribution: widespread and locally common. In Europe collected in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands and UK; typically from the end of August to the beginning of October; only rarely found outside this period. Neotype: Belgium, Hestreux near Eupen, on leaf litter including pine needles, Oct. 1985, W. Gams 4031 (CBS 894.85); not examined, but gene sequences verified. Specimens examined: Austria, Burgenland, Mattersburg, Forchtenstein, between Kohlstatt and Weißes Kreuz,

MTB 8263/4, 47°42′26″ N, 16°18′33″ E, elev. 620 m, on soil, leaf litter and bark of Pinus sylvestris, 16 Sep. 2005, H. Voglmayr, W.J. 2856 (WU 29209). Forchtenstein, Wulka-Quellengebiet/Rosalia, MTB 8263/4, 47°42′37″ N, 16°18′09″ E, elev. 600 m, on and around stump of Larix decidua, on wood, bark and debris, 22 Sep. 2007, W. Jaklitsch & O. Sükösd, W.J. 3170 (WU Crizotinib clinical trial 29213). Kärnten, Klagenfurt Land, St. Margareten im Rosental, MTB 9452/3, 46°32′29″ N, 14°24′31″ E, elev. 500 m, spreading from a stump of Picea abies on leaves, bark and twigs,

24 Sep. 2006, H. Voglmayr & W. Jaklitsch, W.J. 2980 (WU 29210, culture CBS 121271 = C.P.K. 2469). Niederösterreich, Krems, Egelsee, close to Waldhof, MTB 7579/3, 48°25′55″ N, 15°33′25″ E, elev. 420 m, on soil around Fagus and Picea, 28 Aug. 2000, W. Klofac, W.J. 1617 (WU 29535; part BPI 748251). Wien-Umgebung, Gablitz, south of the train station, MTB 7762/4, elev. 300 m, on soil and leaf litter, 30 Sep. 2002, A. Urban, W.J. 1990 (WU 29536). Oberösterreich, Braunau, Wanghausen bei Ach, Oberer Weilhartsforst, forest path from the northern forest margin to Heilbrünnl, MTB 7842/4, elev. 400 m, spreading from a stump onto forest soil, 20 Sep. 2006, I. Krisai-Greilhuber, W.J. 3000 (WU 29211, Adenosine triphosphate culture C.P.K. 3121). Schärding, Raab, Rothmayrberg, mixed forest NE of Rotes Kreuz, MTB 7648/1, elev. 470 m, on the

base of a dead oak tree (Quercus robur), H. Voglmayr, 30 Aug. 2008, W.J. 3214 (WU 29214). Schärding, St. Willibald, Großer Salletwald, MTB 7648/3, 48°20′57″ N, 13°42′22″ E, elev. 660 m, on corticated stump bases of Picea abies, 30 cm thick, spreading on surrounding soil, leaf litter, bark and plants, 8 Sep. 2003, H. Voglmayr, W.J. 2391 (WU 29206, culture CBS 121278 = C.P.K. 956); same place, different stump, 14 Sep. 2003, H. Voglmayr, W.J. 2395 (WU 24803, culture C.P.K. 960). Steiermark, Feldbach, St. Anna bei Aigen, Deutsch Haseldorf, MTB 9261/2, elev. 400 m, on soil and bark of Pinus sylvestris, 11 Sep. 2002, G. Koller, W.J. 1947 (WU 29534). Graz, Gries, Florianigasse, MTB 8958/2, 47°03′30″ N, 15°25′24″ E, elev. 350 m, on soil and plants at the base of a Prunus avium tree in a garden, identified using ITS extracted from stroma, 6 Aug. 2001, H. Teppner, Mycotheca Graecensis 367 (part: WU 29533). Vienna, 23rd district, Maurer Wald, MTB 7863/4, 48°09′00″ N 16°15′11″ E, elev.

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