Other categorization of conflicts of interest include major or mi

Other categorization of conflicts of interest include major or minor conflicts, and actual, apparent or potential conflicts of interest [25], [26], [27] and [28]. The declaration of interest should be kept up to date. The most convenient approach may be to ask members to update their declaration of interest as need be before each meeting. Reported interests may be disclosed during the meeting and possibly posted in a summarized manner on the Internet and/or made available at public request. Screening for conflicts of interest should be rigorous and balance the possibility of bias caused by a conflict

with the need for vaccine and immunization expertise. Some data selleckchem important to the committee can be obtained only through working relationships with vaccine manufacturers. Additionally, many of the top national experts in the field of immunization and vaccines will have some relationship with various interest groups, including industry, professional associations, and governments. Consequently, the goal is not

to include only persons with absolutely no relevant interests but to manage potential conflicts of interest in a transparent and ethical fashion. An increasing number of allegations of collusion between national government and industry, particularly in the context of the introduction of expensive new vaccines, have recently been reported in the media. It is therefore essential that due attention be paid to the declaration of interests and their disclosure. Members may also be required to sign a confidentiality agreement if, in the process of the meeting selleck chemicals llc or work of the group, they are provided in trust with confidential information. Confidentiality agreements should also be signed by special invitees. The format for the declarations of interests and confidentiality agreements should be adjusted to fit the specific requirements and practice of the country. Clearly the assessment of what would constitute a conflict next of interest is context dependent. For example, a consultation fee of US$ 1000 will have a variable weight and

impact depending on the country’s average wages. Examples of such documents and summaries of reported interests can be found at http://www.who.int/immunization/sage/national_advisory_committees/en/index2.html. A process of rotation for core members with limited duration of terms of service is essential for the credibility of the group and standard operating procedures which specify the nomination, rotation and termination processes should be developed [12]. Subject to the above, members would normally be appointed for a term of a fixed number of years, which possibly could be renewed (though the number of renewals allowed should be specified and limited). Care should be taken to ensure there is continuity in the committee so that not all members’ terms would expire at the same time.

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